Passtech Walkways

An innovative walkway concept

A unique patented innovation! To know more

Backed by 85 years of solid experience, H. Blanchette has undertaken a technological makeover for the future direction of its manufacturing operations. With a view to diversifying its markets, it has developed an innovative concept that will enable walkways to be assembled quickly and easily with little or no welding required.

PassTech: An innovative metal walkway
  • Reduced fabrication costs
    • little or no welding
    • simplified quality control
    • less expensive than the conventional concept
  • Reduced assembly time
    • less equipment and material at the worksite
    • the material leaves the worksite faster
  • Reduced fabrication time
    • CADD/CAM (Computer Aided Design & Drafting/Computer Aided Manufacturing) fabrication process
    • choice of materials and finishes
  • Wide range of materials
    • steel
    • galvanized steel
    • stainless steel
  • Availability of replacements parts
    • short and fast delivery time
  • Standardized parts
    • fast and easy assembly
    • compliant with the specifications and requirements of industry standards
    • parts may be reused
  • Structures can be erected by unskilled personnel
    • easy assembly
  • Reduced weight
    • much lighter, less expensive
  • Pre-assembly in the workshop
    • can be pre-assembled in the factory / turnkey project
    • engineering using a pre-established concept
  • Experience
    • 5 generations of metal fabrication and metal know-how
    • Serving you since 1923

The principle of a walkway not requiring welding is an innovative concept that is well appreciated by clients. The costs, delivery time, lightness of the structure, and reduced assembly time represent significant benefits.

The new concept adequately meets the specifications of industry standards and market requirements and can be adapted to other requirements or needs of the client. This method ensures that the product is optimized according to industry specifications.

We can thus offer you an innovative product that can bear the same loads and maintain the same high level of quality as the conventional walkway, but at a lower sale price.

  • Reduced engineering costs using a pre-established concept
  • 36% reduction in the weight of the frame
  • Welding almost totally eliminated
  • 3 to 5 times faster delivery time than the conventional walkway
  • Quick assembly – can be assembled by unskilled personnel


Des passerelles aux possibilités multiples.

As PassTech metal walkways require little or no welding, they can quickly and easily be assembled and erected by any unskilled personnel. Such walkways provide many other benefits, proving they have the requisites to produce the desired results.

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