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Conventional walkways are fabricated with metalworks such as guardrails, caged or uncaged ladders, and staircases with or without landings. Learn more


Circular Walkways

We design circular walkways that meet the requirements of the various industry standards (Structural Design Criteria) and those of the painting specifications. Learn more


Passtech Walkways

We have developed an innovative concept that enables walkways to be assembled quickly and easily with little or no welding required. Learn more



We produce structures that are generally used as supports in the construction of infrastructures such as buildings, warehouses, workshops, factories, institutions, bridges, and any other projects in need of structural support. Learn more



We fabricate structural supports, frames, lintels, parapets, balconies, doorsteps, galleries, balustrades, mezzanines, conveyors, platforms, landings, and all types of framework. Learn more


H. Blanchette

5 generations of metal fabrication and metal know-how. For over 80 years already, H-Blanchette Ltd. has been delivering its products and services to its contractors: industrial, commercial and institutional customers. It has therefore developed a strong expertise in fabricated metals and steel structure.H-Blanchette Ltd. is a company in constant evolution. Through the decades, it has evolved over time both technologicaly and in the know how of its employees to make a product and service quality ever higher. Research and development are an integral part of H-Blanchette Ltd.. On the technology eve, the latest step taken so far and for over 5 years now, reflects this commitment of the company to always go further ahead.

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For some time now, H-Blanchette Ltd. has been proud to present a new option for the manufacturing of walkways, namely our new product, patent pending, our innovative concept of walkway. Lighter, cheaper, easy to install and ever-shorter deadlines: can't ask better! PASSTECH! A word to remember to optimize your future design projects. 5 générations de fer et de savoir « fer »! Indeed, H-Blanchette Ltd. has a strong expertise and experience, unequaled in the field of walkways: whether the traditional type, PassTech, circular or more specifically according to your plans and specifications or any other design, our engineering and technical department can support you from the start to the end of your project.

PassTech Weldless Walkway – A unique patented innovation!


After several years of research and development to elaborate an innovative and ingenious concept of a weldless metal walkway, H. Blanchette is proud to announce to its customers that, after meeting the requirements of the Patent Act, its product, PassTech Weldless Walkway, has officially been granted and issued a patent.


PassTech Weldless Walkway met the requirements of the Patent Act because it distinguished itself on several levels.

The design and fabrication of our weldless metal walkway adequately meets the specifications of industry standards and market requirements and can be adapted to other requests or needs of the client. Our design and fabrication process ensures that the product is optimized according to industry specifications.


In addition to providing you with the benefit of a unique patented product, PassTech Weldless Walkway brings you savings and an exceptionally solid and very efficient product!

The costs, delivery time, structure lightness and reduced assembly time represent significant benefits. No need for skilled personnel to do the assembling: you can have your own maintenance team erect the structure. The assembly process of our weldless metal walkway enables us to offer you a product that can bear the same loads and maintain the same high level of quality as the traditional welded walkway, but at a lower sale price.

Like many of our customers, you will quickly come to appreciate the high level of quality of the PassTech Weldless Walkway!

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Des passerelles aux possibilités multiples.

As PassTech metal walkways require little or no welding, they can quickly and easily be assembled and erected by any unskilled personnel. Such walkways provide many other benefits, proving they have the requisites to produce the desired results.

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