Our mission is to provide metalworks that fully meet the expectations and requirements of our clients.

We pursue this objective by carrying out our work with reliability and professionalism, honouring our commitments and, most importantly, by delivering high-quality products and services.

Our Policy

Our goal isto provide steel structures and metalworks that fully meet the expectations and requirements of our clients. We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and consistently live up to our commitments. To ensure that the company’s quality standards are maintained and continue to be enhanced, we frequently invest in both human resources and equipment. Our objective is to steadily improve our work procedures and management methods, thus increasing our visibility within the industry and with our clients. We hire only qualified and experienced personnel, giving them the necessary training to be part of a team that strives for excellence in the fabrication of our products.

Employee collaboration and accountability are a given at H. Blanchette. The family spirit is shared by everyone alike - draftsmen, workers, quality managers, and executives.

Our Objectives

One of our objectives is to maintain our ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System, thereby ensuring client satisfaction. To this end, we recognize that successful implementation and maintenance of such a quality system requires the participation of all employees.

Our Commitment

As an effort to achieve its objectives, and to promote company values, H. Blanchette has implemented a Quality Management Policy that incorporates suitable and adequate steps to ensure accountability, teamwork, prevention, and the continuous training and improvement of its employees.

Client Focus

To better understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients, H. Blanchette assesses satisfaction through surveys or direct contact, thereby ensuring that the client’s requirements are properly heard, identified, and handled.

Internal Communication

In addition to good client focus, we place considerable importance on fostering good internal communication, creating a work environment that is not only pleasant but one that contributes to the well-being of all employees. We achieve this by educating and training new employees on our Quality Management System, setting up meetings, providing areas to post notices and information, and taking employee suggestions into consideration.

Des passerelles aux possibilités multiples.

We use 2 design software programs: AutoCAD and Bocad. Bocad, a European software program, designs in real-time and is so precise that it eliminates all risk of error. If need be, it can determine an item’s centre of gravity so that the item can be handled appropriately when put into place or moved with a crane.

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H. Blanchette : Industrial walkway and structural steelwork manufacturer