Equipment and installations

H-Blanchette ltée boasts a production department of over 16,000 square feet including overhead travelling cranes of 3, 5 and 10 imperial tonnes and semi-automatic welders for FCAW and SMAW welding procedures.

Shotblasting room for metalworkH-Blanchette ltée facilities include a blast room 20 by 50 by 12 feet high and a paint room 30 by 60 by 20 feet high, heated if needed, enabling it to carry out projects of any size, quickly and any time during the year.

Blast and paint rooms for metalworks

Des passerelles aux possibilités multiples.

We manage an “FTP” site that allows large documents, files, plans, and drawings to be transferred safely and easily.

H. Blanchette Ltée
H. Blanchette : Industrial walkway and structural steelwork manufacturer