H. Blanchette: 5 generations of metal fabrication and metal "know-how"5 générations de fer et de savoir « fer ».During its eighty years and five generations of existence, H-Blanchette ltée has gained extensive experience in the field of fabricated metals and steel structure. Today, the company is a leader in the manufacture of metal products for industry including framework, walkways, ladders, railings and others.

H-Blanchette ltée offers a comprehensive engineering service, from design to manufacturing to installation. It can provide you with an estimate at any time. The staff will be pleased to customize plans and shop drawings to your needs and requirements using CAD/CAM software such as Autocad, BOCAD and others.

H-Blanchette ltée remains on the lookout for technologies best suited to improving its operational efficiency in areas such as welding, materials handling, manufacturing processes and finishing. The company's overriding concern is to offer clients quality products at all times.

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The design and typeface of the company logo represent strength, modernism, and originality. The curved “b” represents dynamism, efficiency, and progress. The selected colours capture the company’s professional and reputable image while adding a touch of “newness”. The logo as a whole represents unity, stability, and evolution, maintaining a classic yet simple feel with a look towards the future.

H. Blanchette Ltée
H. Blanchette : Industrial walkway and structural steelwork manufacturer