PassTech Design

The strength of “HBC” and “HBL” steel sections are calculated using the ACNOR CAN/CSA-S136-M94 Standard with regard to cold-formed steel structural members.

Fabricating custom lengths and using automatic production equipment and processes eliminates waste and leads to substantial savings.

The fabrication process can be based entirely on the client’s drawings and parts can be reused if a factory configuration change is required


Fabrication tolerances for “HBC” and “HBL” cold-formed sections comply with those established by the ACNOR CAN/CSA-A660-M91 Standard recognized by steel structure manufacturers. Thickness tolerances comply with those established by the ACNOR CAN/CSA-S136-M94 Standard.

Steel Sections

H. Blanchette Ltée. is innovating! It has developed steel sections which, in line with the 50W Standards or the Folding Standard, are substantially lighter than conventional steel sections, reducing the weight of the frame by more than 36% and translating into lower costs.

The PassTech walkway can be fabricated 3 to 5 times faster than the conventional walkway without forfeiting quality or the types of finishes desired. This would result in faster delivery time and, ultimately, better client service.


In addition to fabricating guardrails which meet the usual standards, we are offering a type of guardrail the fabrication of which is optimized and simplified - no welded part on guardrail posts except for the joint between the post and the pipe. Guardrails are quicker to assemble and adjustments are much simpler.

Fabrication costs are lower due to modular parts that can be pre-assembled in the factory and hence leave the worksite faster.

Horizontal Bracing Systems

Placing “HBC” braces where required enables simplifying the design, reducing the size of the parts used, as well as the weight of the structure, and meeting the requirements of industry standards and specifications.

This pre-established design concept significantly lowers engineering costs, reduces fabrication lead time, and allows for faster delivery.

One-piece Fasteners and Standardization

Standardizing coupling members and fasteners simplifies fabrication and enables products to be assembled quickly.

Fasteners are directly moulded and reinforced on the main or secondary part, eliminating the need for bolts and simplifying installation. The main part together with its fastener becomes the one and only part, i.e. a one-piece.

This type of process makes it easier to assemble the main and secondary parts of the walkway. It saves valuable time with the added benefit of readily available replacement parts.


Des passerelles aux possibilités multiples.

As PassTech metal walkways require little or no welding, they can quickly and easily be assembled and erected by any unskilled personnel. Such walkways provide many other benefits, proving they have the requisites to produce the desired results.

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